About Benches

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Without doubt, the cornerstone of all strength training equipment is the free weight bench (also known as the bench press). Weight benches can be used with barbells, dumbbells, power racks, smith machines or on their own. The weights bench is the core of any exercise program working out your triceps and chest at the same time.

The cornerstone of any fitness studio, commercial gym or home gym weight benches offer benefits to heavy-lifters and casual fitness enthusiasts alike. Most weight benches are fully adjustable allowing users to customize for optimal fit, comfort and exercise intention.

Back pad and seat adjustments lets users get into the perfect position for a number of workouts including biceps curls, shoulder press, dumbbell flys, incline press, bench press, bent-over row, triceps extension and many more.

Weight benches can also be used in conjunction with home gyms, power racks, smith machines and more. Free weight bench presses will help you increase natural body movement unlike a bench that is attached to a multi-gym, where the movement is controlled by the machine.