About Kettlebells

Kettlebells are cast iron or vinyl ball-shaped weights with a handle attached at the top. There are all sorts of kettlebells on the market, including rubber encased, vinyl covered, neoprene covered and even selectorised kettlebells.

Kettlebells that have a protective cover are popular as they cause less damage and are quieter if dropped. They can often be more attractive options too.

Kettlebell training utilizes ballistic and swinging movements to perform strength training exercises that combine added cardiovascular and flexibility development.

Kettlebells from Fitness Factory come in a variety of materials and finishes including solid iron, rubber coated, vinyl coated, and chrome handled.

Used for strength and resistance training, kettlebells are an extremely efficient and effective way to train your body in almost every aspect of fitness including endurance, strength, agility and balance. With effective Kettlebell training, you can burn fat, increase your power and obtain the physique you crave.

Benefits of Kettlebells

The benefit of Kettlebells in strength and endurance training is that you can achieve so much from just one piece of equipment. This is one of the main reasons why this form of fitness training continues to rise in popularity. They offer more flexibility both in terms of motion and the range of exercises you can perform – at minimal cost. They are also space efficient, making them convenient and highly popular.

Kettlebell exercises focus more on the muscles you use for deceleration and stabilisation. They involve a swinging motion, holding the kettlebell in one hand or both.

Unlike other types of training, you have to engage in whole body movements. You have to stabilise your body to perform effective movements and different exercises require you to engage different muscle groups including your core, hips and legs.

Different Types of Kettlebells

At Ntaifitness, we offer fixed weight Iron Kettlebells , and for added comfort we also offer Vinyl, Vinyl-Coated Iron Kettlebells and Neoprene Covered Kettlebells. Competition Kettlebells are another option.

These kettlebells are always the exact same size, no matter what the weight is. This means that the kettlebell will rest on your forearm in the same place, whether it’s a 4kg or 12kg weight. As the name suggests, these kettlebells are crucial in competitions as technique is consistent.

Purchase kettlebells in sets or individually in weights from 5 to 100 pounds. Whether you are working out at home or need to purchase a full kettlebell set for a strength training facility, Fitness Factory offers high quality kettlebells for any space.